axe denim talc

Axe Denim Talc (300g)

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Product Description

A talcum powder that incorporates a fabulous combination of cologne and talc that renders the body odor free, that’s the Axe Denim Talc for you! A gentle application of the powder all over the body generates a pleasant fragrance that stays with you all day long. One effective way to tackle the sweat and body odor and keep feeling fresh.

Benefits of Axe Denim Talc

  • Axe Talc is specially designed to give you a fragrance that will make you irresistible, and give you deodorant protection against sweating.
  • Axe Talc controls body odor, when you tend to sweat the most.
  • The masculine & citrus scent keeps you refreshed & revived throughout the day.
  • It absorbs the excessive oil secreted on the skin.
  • Safe on skin.


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